Ranch + block pet game APP development

 Software development we can do!

Fuxun Technology has a professional technical team and development design, providing blockchain games, APP game systems, various financial ERP software, shopping mall systems and other customized software development, app development, web development services, and post-maintenance services.

 The defense security we can give!

15 years of experience in network security, stable system, non-stuttering, high concurrency, effective resistance to traffic attacks and data tampering, anti-DDOS traffic attacks, CC attacks, SQL injection, prevention of various thefts, intrusions, etc., super firewall coverage, effective Eliminate network attacks, better security and better stability!

 Our service

Professional development engineers, front-end design, customer service team face to customers, many-to-one face-to-face communication with customers, reduce information transmission errors and information delays.
7*24 hours of online technical support, ready to respond to customer needs every minute.

 Case show: Customized development of Ashe Ranch system of mutual aid development system

 Exclusive activities at Ashe Ranch

Register now and get 100 feed to activate your account;
 The first random free order
: Reach 88 red envelopes for primary herders
       Reached 288 red envelopes for intermediate herders
       Reached 888 red envelopes for senior herders
       Reached the super herdsman reward 2888 red envelope

Ashe Ranch Direct Referral Reward System

Directly promote the first generation 5%, the second generation 3%, and the third generation 1%

Ashe Ranch team reward system

Primary herders
Directly promote 10 herders and 50 herders in the team, with a total income of over 2000, a commission of 1% of the team’s income, and a 20% discount on the purchase of feed;

Intermediate herders
Directly push 30 people, 150 herdsmen in the team, with a total income of more than 6000, a commission of 2% of the income of the team, and a 30% off energy purchase

Senior herder
Directly promote 50 people and 300 herdsmen in the team, with a total income of more than 20,000, a commission of 5% of the team’s income, and 40% off energy purchases;

Super herder
Directly push 100, team herdsmen up to 800, total revenue of more than 40,000, commission team revenue 7%, purchase energy 50% off

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