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Fuxun Technology has a professional technical team and development design, providing blockchain games, APP game systems, various financial ERP software, shopping mall systems and other customized software development, app development, web development services, and post-maintenance services.

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15 years of experience in network security, stable system, non-stuttering, high concurrency, effective resistance to traffic attacks and data tampering, anti-DDOS traffic attacks, CC attacks, SQL injection, prevention of various thefts, intrusions, etc., super firewall coverage, effective Eliminate network attacks, better security and better stability!

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1. Professional development engineers, front-end design, customer service team face to customers, many-to-one face-to-face communication with customers, reducing information transmission errors and information delays.
2.7*24 hours of online technical support, ready to respond to customer needs every minute.

Case presentation: Customized development of direct sales system for wealth management masters

1. Buy a set of the company's products for 4,000 yuan (800 US dollars) and become a consumer! Help the company recommend two sets of products within 30 days to enjoy the company's global performance dividend. (Each person can purchase up to 15 sets of products)
2. Consumption Dividends: Dividends will start in 51 days. It is divided into 24 installments, once every half month. A total of 158,600 yuan
The first period: 1000 The second period: 1000 The third period: 500 The fourth period: 500
The fifth period: 800 The sixth period: 800 The seventh period: 2000 The eighth period: 2000
Ninth period: 4000 Tenth period: 4000 Eleventh period: 6000 Twelfth period: 6000
The thirteenth issue: 9000 The fourteenth issue: 9000 The fifteenth issue: 12000 The sixteenth issue: 12000
Seventeenth period: 13000 Eighteenth period: 13000 Nineteenth period: 10000 Twentieth period: 10000
The second period: 10000 The second period: 10000 The second period: 11000 The second period: 11000
3. Organizational rewards: (community performance is not less than 40%)
⑴ Cumulative performance 500,000-1 million, reward 1.5%
⑵ Cumulative performance of 1 million-2 million, reward 3%
⑶ Cumulative performance 2 million --- 5 million reward 4%
⑷Accumulated performance 5 million --- 10 million reward 6%
⑸ Cumulative performance 10 million --- 20 million reward 8%
⑹ Cumulative performance is more than 20 million, reward 10%
Remarks: The top three in the annual performance award a luxury car of more than one million.
4. Financial report:
1. Apply for withdrawal on the 1st, 10th and 20th of each month,
2. No less than RMB 500 each time, 10% handling fee deducted
3. From the eleventh period, 70% of the withdrawal will be collected and 20% will be repeated consumption.
4. Receive 5% equity dividends from the eleventh period (vouchers to purchase original shares at the time of listing); 5% public welfare fund.
Note: The currency of the cash account can be transferred to the consumer account to purchase other products of the company.
5. Business Center: 200,000 deposit and 3% of the declaration fee. No withdrawal is allowed on the account.
6. Early promotion: (51 days)
1. The first order of 24,000 yuan, a Samsung mobile phone.
2. The first order is 48,000, and a branded laptop will be given.
3. Cumulative performance reached 2 million and sent to the United States for luxury inspection tours.

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