UKfarm-Forest City-Development of online order mini program

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1. Multiple specifications of the product (completed)
2. Separate order printing (completed)
3. Add dishes/return dishes (adding dishes has been completed)
4. Multi-person ordering, valet ordering, order merging (multi-person ordering has been completed)
5. Multi-store/single-store/take-out/over-review mode (completed)
6. Platform/merchant coupons (completed)
7. Heavenly Red Packet (completed)
8. Queuing for number (completed)
9. Make an appointment to order (completed)
10. Call the waiter (completed)
11. Membership card (completed)
12. Limited purchase (completed)
13. Spike/group buying (completed)
14. Service provider payment (completed, multi-store version merchants can support separate merchant account payment)
14. Distribution system (independent version has completed the basics)
The main function:
Single Store Takeaway Mini Program Version Multi-Store Merchant Version In-store ordering and reservation of dishes, table reservation, scanning code payment, offline payment, scanning code ordering online ordering O2O platform type queuing number order reminding payment cashier membership marketing printing system membership card Cards and other functions
1: Single store takeaway version (already online)
2: Business information display (already online)
3: Merchant positioning (online)
4: Order reminder (online)
5: Template message (already online)
6: Multi-store marketing version (already online)
7: Scan code to order (completed)
8: Reserve a table (completed)
9: Scheduled dishes (completed)
10: Scan code payment (completed)
12: Order online (completed)
13: Distribution system (completed)
14: queuing for number (completed)
15: Payment cash register (completed)
16: Merchant settled in (completed)
17: Printer support (already online)
18: Membership card (already online)
19: Coupon function (completed)
20: Points Mall (completed)
21: Recharge the balance (already online)
22: shop reviews (completed)