What is the difference between China Telecom Unicom mobile s

The network is constantly updated and the Internet continues to grow and develop. Especially in this personalized information age, server rental is gradually accepted by more people, entering thousands of small, medium and micro enterprises. In the Bird Shield server lease, many webmasters will encounter a problem, that is, single and double lines, three lines and BGP. What do they represent? Let’s talk about what they are today.

Single line: usually refers to the single line single network card single IP line of the three major operators. It is connected by the single line of the three major operators. For example, the IDC computer room is Unicom, or telecommunications, or mobile. If the IDC computer room It is Unicom. If users want to visit the mobile site, the network will be slower.

Double line: understand single line, is it better to understand double line? The dual line is mainly the joint access of China Unicom and Telecom, and the IDC computer room is a single network card with dual IP. His advantage is that telecommunications users access the telecommunications IP, and Netcom users access the Netcom IP. This can solve the problem of slow single-line access and realize north-south intercommunication. But now the technology is not perfect, and the network will be unstable. This is one of his shortcomings.

Third-line: As the name suggests, it is the joint access of the three major operators. The principle is basically the same as that of the second-line. One more mobile IP is added to facilitate mobile users' access. The third-line access speed is also single-line, which cannot be compared with two-line. BGP line: It also realizes the multi-line interconnection of the three major operators, but it is a three-line single IP. The main function is to control route propagation and route selection. The advantages are cheapness, freedom, and maximum resource utilization. Realizing that different operators share one IP, ensuring that service providers can quickly access the network, and can also ensure that users can access the fastest.

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