Everbright Bank Q&A-WeChat Mini Program APP Q&A Ques

❦Software development we can do! Fuxun Technology has a professional technical team and a development and design team, providing regional blockchain breeding pet game development, mall convenience store online exchange APP program development, WeChat mall development, web development and other customized software development and post-maintenance services.
❦The defense security we can give! 15 years of experience in network security, stable system, non-stuttering, high concurrency, effective resistance to traffic attacks and data tampering, anti-DDOS traffic attacks, CC attacks, SQL injection, prevention of various thefts, intrusions, etc., super firewall coverage, effective Eliminate network attacks, better security and better stability!
❦Our service 1. The development engineers, front-end design, and customer service team face customers directly, and communicate face-to-face with customers in many-to-one manner, reducing information errors and information delays. 2. 7*24 hours online technical support, ready to respond to customer needs every minute.
❦If you have software development, game development, app development needs, you can contact us for more detailed information! Case presentation: Everbright Bank Q&A-Questionnaire statistical development of WeChat applet