What is the function of IOS signature? Why use IOS signature

A friend asked me a few days ago, what is the ios signature? What does it mean to distribute? I shared with him about our distribution platform Bird Shield. The content of distribution is unlimited. Bird Shield’s app distribution platform is resistant to complaints, reports, anti-virus, and anti-red. Please look for app.niaodun.cn. In fact, not only ios apps need to be signed, but Android apps also need to be signed.

The role of apk signature is mainly two aspects.
1. Obtain different permissions through different keys
2. Prevent malicious tampering
Using different key signatures can obtain certain different permissions, and different certificate signatures also mean that this is a different program. The advantage of the same signature is that the application can be seamlessly upgraded. If a certificate signature corresponds to multiple programs, it is possible to share code and data in these programs in a safe manner. Another is to prevent malicious tampering. Signatures are generally private keys. Private key signatures will generate a sequence of harsh values. If you want to check whether it has been tampered, you only need to query the harsh value sequence generated by the private key signature and the harsh value sequence in the apk. Whether they are the same. The App distribution platform mainly provides app upload and download services. It is equivalent to an intermediate bridge. You put your apk file package on the platform, and users can get your apk file from this platform, download and install your program. There are many app distribution platforms now, each with their own characteristics. The Bird Shield distribution platform requires real-name authentication for upload and registration, which is more user-friendly. If there is a problem, you can find the corresponding person through real-name authentication, upload speed and download speed performance They are all pretty good. Judging whether an App distribution platform is good or not is actually based on what you are looking for. For example, the service is good, the D-U is not reported, the upload speed is fast, and the download is fast. There are many factors in many aspects. It is important to find the right one.