In today's world, science and technology continue to develop and grow. In daily life, whether you want to order a cup of milk tea, go shopping, or apply for a certificate, you will use a very fast and convenient app. It is precisely because of the intelligent computing of these softwares that a lot of labor costs and time costs are saved, so that people have more time and energy to do other things, and people can enjoy a better intelligent life. As long as it is related to online commerce, we can call it e-commerce. Its rapid rise and development seems to have brought another boost of fuel to technology. In e-commerce, logistics and transportation are a very important part. Without logistics and transportation, many e-commerce companies dealing in physical goods cannot operate normally. Nowadays, logistics transportation mainly relies on the three major transportation modes of sea, land and air, mainly based on: railway, automobile, shipping, aviation and other major transportation bureaus. It can be imagined how many nodes, manpower, and packages are required on a transportation route. To manage such a huge transportation system, a very good software system is needed for unified deployment and management. How does a logistics system realize transportation standardization? How to realize intelligent and green transportation? This is one of the hard conditions that a complete logistics transportation management software should have. How to customize a high-quality app software, might as well find more case studies on the Internet.