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With the continuous development and growth of e-commerce, the e-commerce transportation army, which is very commonly used today, has also grown. With the continuous improvement and advancement of the quality of life, online shopping becomes more and more convenient, as well as the emerging online supermarkets, online grocery shopping, etc., people's demand for logistics and distribution is increasing, and the service requirements are getting higher and higher. Now more and more e-commerce platforms, merchants, and sellers are paying great attention to the logistics management system. Choosing a good logistics system experience can increase customer favorability and friendly experience. So, what problems should we pay attention to when developing logistics system software? First of all: management module + data module. There are many important functions in this module, such as adding, deleting, checking and modifying the basic express number, data management, data transmission, data sharing, logistics information tracking, etc. Any online logistics information data is very huge as it accumulates over time. How to quickly and better develop a logistics system and process data quickly and accurately is an important point. Secondly: the calculation rules, whether the calculation is correct, whether the calculation method is simple and clear, and whether people who use this logistics software can feel convenient and fast without procrastination, this is also the key to designing a logistics system software. After that is the client order page. The customer places an order independently. Is the order page clear? Is the order process simple and convenient? How to make customers feel convenient and guide users to fill in the correct information? Software development is an ongoing thing. In addition to adding new functions, it is necessary to take into account the normal operation of the original functions, delete the complex and simplify, so that the entire software can run smoothly. Our continuous optimization and upgrading is like raising a tree, which needs to be carefully managed to promote its healthy growth.

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