Design of brand website of Fuxun technology enterprise


Website construction

Enterprise website, shopping mall, industry portal, community forum, government / institution website customization development!
  • Enterprise website: customized development, design and construction of enterprise portal official website / enterprise marketing website
  • Industry portal: vertical industry integrated portal development, information, transaction, classified information, download, etc
  • Industry portal: vertical industry integrated portal development, information, transaction, classified information, download, etc
  • Community Forum: member management and hierarchical authority, plate classification and authority, post management
  • Government official website: information construction of government institutions, convenient service window, safe and stable
  • Official website: official website, information release, voting, registration, evaluation, etc
  • O2o system: business entry, LBS positioning, commodities, nearby businesses, shopping cart, member management
  • Foreign trade website: necessary for enterprises to go out to sea, multilingual, targeted optimization for Google

Mobile website planning and design


Mobile terminal / APP

Mobile website, native app, API development, H5 single page and other mobile terminal product customization development!
  • Mobile website: websites that can be viewed in mobile browser, wechat, independent app and other environments
  • App development: mobile app client development of IOS and Android
  • API development: app and website server development, provide standard API technical documents
  • H5 single page: provide activities, registration, recruitment and other forms of H5 high-quality single page development
Responsive mobile website

Small program development


Small program development

Based on wechat / applet template message, wechat payment and other open components and interfaces, develop all kinds of wechat scenario applications!
  • Wechat official website: a website for wechat Browsing Based on wechat development capability and native technology
  • Small program: installation free, easy to promote, with rich components and API capabilities
  • Wechat Mall: E-commerce mall based on wechat payment, wechat login and other capabilities
  • Wechat activities: Based on wechat development ability, users can participate in activities more conveniently
  • Wechat registration: Based on wechat open ability, it is convenient for users to quickly participate in the registration
  • Wechat voting: limit wechat voting swipe and other behaviors based on wechat opening ability
  • Wechat o2o: open and localized o2o platform based on wechat payment and LBS development capability
  • More applications: scanning code shopping, micro order and other applications based on wechat open ability

technical support


technical support

Technical support, security protection, template customization, plug-in customization, technical solutions and other technical support services!
 technical support